#56 – Breadcrumbs does not display the correct result

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Tuesday, 28 November 2017 03:36 CET
I am using Breadcrumbs Advanced and have a major issue with it which I need to resolve before I pay for one of the superior versions.

If you go to my site (http://whatzon.info) and select Dances > My Dances > Ceilidh from the top menu you will be given a 'Compact List of Tagged Items'. At this point the Breadcrumbs display should be correct. Then chose any of the items in the list (which will display correctly) and you will see that the Breadcrumbs now displays 'Home' (which is not correct, or if deemed correct behavior, distinctly unhelpful). If it does display the correct breadcrumbs trail then try repeating a few times and eventually it will go wrong. The top 5 items in the dances menu all display a Compact List of Tagged items, so you can try any of them.

I just randomly chose the Dances > Dances Videos > 1650-1749. From the list I chose one item and the breadcrumbs displayed correctly (ie didn't show Home). I then backed up to the list and chose a different item. It also displayed correctly. I did this again and this time the breadcrumbs display still showed the previous item! I did it again for another different item and breadcrumbs still showed the same wrong (ie correct 2 items before) display. I then went back to the main menu, chose Dances > All Dances By Type > Barn Dance and chose Barbara Woodhouse Reel. The item displayed correctly but the breadcrumbs display was still 'stuck' (see attached screenshot - Breadcrumbs).

Also, sometimes I will exit from Joomla and restart and I see that instead of displaying Home the breadcrumbs trail shows where I was when I left Joomla - bizarre.

I just loaded up the home page and the Breadcrumbs display refers to an article I haven't looked at in ages!!! (see attached screen shot - Breadcrumbs latest)

My template provider (Joomlashack) say that the template is working correctly because the output from your module is appearing in the correct place.

I hope that you can help.
Tuesday, 28 November 2017 10:22 CET
Hello Michael,

The Breadcrumbs Advanced (BCA) module is based on the default Joomla! breadcrumbs module and the problem you're describing isn't a bug in the breacrumbs module.
Most likely this 'problem' also appears when using the default Joomla! breadcrumbs module.

That is because a breadcrumb needs a menu/itemid to build its pathway.

The articles on your webpage don't belong to any menu and when some pages/articles dont have a menu, they are forced to use a default menu id (for module assignment) which is either homepage's menu id or "0". If you fo rinstance create a hidden menu item for an article (Abbey, The) it get's a itemid assigned and most likely it will show up in the breadcrumbs.

When searching online you can find multiple issues with articles and breadcrumbs in Joomla and some pages suggest steps to fix such troubles. But, it seems each individual case works a bit differtently.

Sorry to say but You'll have to solve it in your Joomla! environment itself - seems like the Breadcrumbs module and our BCA module work correctly.

Greetz, UWiX.

Bug? That's not a bug, that's a feature. :-)

Friday, 29 December 2017 00:00 CET
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