bcrumbscss(150x150)ars joomla3x
BreadCrumbs Advanced Plus for Joomla!™ 3 is a module which replaces the default breadcrumbs module from the Joomla! installation. It supports all default breadcrumbs options but with several extras.

With the BreadCrumbs CSSmodule you can use animated styles for the breadcrumbs when a user hovers the mouse over them. The animations are written in full CSS3 styling and compatible with the latest browsers. Creating slick breadcrumbs was never this easy! And ofcourse you can still use the default Joomla!™ breadcrumbs style with the extra added options of this module.

An overview of the extra options of the BreadCrumbs CSS module for Joomla!™ 3 is listed below.

All the default options of the breadcrumbs module:

  • Show "You are here"?
  • Show "Home"?
  • Text for "Home"
  • Show last?
  • Use separator

Added options when using the BreadCrumbs CSS (BC-CSS) version:

  • Alternative "Home" URL
  • Cut off last breadcumb
  • Cut off after x characters
  • Add character(s) to the cut off breadcrumb
  • Move the BC-CSS layer x positions to the right (padding-left) - this could be necessary for some Joomla!™ Templates
  • A lot of CSS3 animation styles to chose from.
  • Set the speed of the animation
  • Set animation timing (linear, ease, ease-in & ease-out)
  • Set the width to show for the hidden breadcrumbs (in pixels)
  • Set animation color (for background, shadows, borders, etc.)
  • Set the opacity (for text clone or blur)

Because a picture is better than words here's an overview of the possible effects in the BreadCrumbs CSS Module:

Letter-spacingLetter-spacing Text ShadowText Shadow Text GrowText Grow
Text RotateText Rotate Text BlinkText Blink Text RollText Roll
Text CloneText Clone Text BlurText Blur Bounce Up/DownBounce Up/Down
Bounce Left/RightBounce Left/Right ShockedShocked Border FadeoutBorder Fadeout
Border Bottom LeftBorder Bottom Left Shadow DownunderShadow Downunder  
Be aware these animations use full CSS3 styling and are made compatible as much as possible for all browsers. Some effects may behave 'weird' on certain browsers like Internet Explorer/Edge. This has nothing to do with the sample animations above - so we cannot fix that. The only advice we'll give you is to use a CSS3 compatible browser (e.g. FireFox or Chrome).


UWiX doesn't ask much for the usage of the module and you can use the module with no time restrictions and on any website you produce!