We take care of your full computer and website environment with a good service, good knowledge and an excellent endresult. UWiX is an allround IT company which has the right knowledge for all sort of computer related areas:

Joomla! Development

Joomla! Development is a profession. UWiX develops your Joomla! component, module or plugin to your own whishes and needs.


Webdesign is the presentation for your company online! UWiX creates a professional website for your company so it represents itself to the web the way your company deserves.


Webdevelopment is custom webdesign. Would you like a specific component for your website? UWiX has enough PHP/MySQL knowledge to integrate your custom parts into your company website.


Education is crucial in a business process. UWiX provides clear workshops so that the curriculum meets your company / employees. UWiX offers multiple choices in workshops.


Website Services takes maintenance out off your hands. Nowadays it's just a matter of time before your website is visited by a "bad" person; who will, if possible, (ab)use your website for personal gain. This often happens because a website  - even if it's setup the right way - isn't update with the latest (security) updates.

We offer our services to the SME and individuals, so feel free to inform to the possible solutions UWiX has to offer to you!