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Latest post by uwix on Thursday, 14 August 2014 11:06 CEST

Original post by Sharon Avigad - August 05 2014 in the Support Forum:

hi support,

i am using djcatalog 2 and I am getting double breadcrumbs. They were not able to support me. I found your plugin and perhaps you can help.

I installed the plugin and set the cut off at 2. in the product list view it is fine, but in the single product view I still get a double breadcrumb (see attached) it is picking up a category. can you help?

my site is biolab-biology.com

screencast.com/t/EFV9kfkmwGA this is a screenshot with the double breadcrum
screencast.com/t/oahdN4YEpe this is a screenshot of the list view (which is fine).

Bug? That's not a bug, that's a feature. :-)

*** This support question has been discussed through e-mail. Below a few copies of those e-mails ***


Now to get to the problem; does it also occurs when you use the default Joomla! Breadcrumbs module? We've also noticed your described problem using the Virtuemart component.
That is because the component displays the categorie twice for a product :-(

Could you please let me know what happends when you are using the default bcrumbs module?


I was using the Joomla default breadcrumb module eith the same otoblem. thats why I turn to your plugin. I'm using DJ catalog not virtue mart. The last two bresd crumb items in the single product view come from there.

If the problem also occurs when using the default bcrumbs module it looks like it has to do with the component your using.

I did understand from your previous email you are not using virtuemart but the problem seems to be the same.

Is there an idea to follow the breadcrumb yourself in the backend of your site? check the product/article and work your way up in the hierarchy of categories. Also check the Joomla! Content categories which the product couls be a child of.
It is also possible you could link directly to a product instead of following the component hierachy.

For now it looks it has nothing to do with the bca module :-(

Did the other person using the virtuemart find a solution?

Yes, we did find a solution. But it had nothing to do with the breadcrumbs.

We just had to reorder the way certain products where arranged in the virtuemart categories. And in one case we had to adapt some source code of virtuemart to get things working all together.

So somehow I think you'll need to rearrange some products and its categories. It also could be a quite specific component problem. My suggestion is to also report it (again) to the creators of the troubled component that it also occurs using the default breadcrumbs module.

If you need any mmore assistance, please let me know.

I cannot let the question you’ve asked me go yet…. After some further investigation on your website I notice the following:

When I use the main menu to browse to the “Plasmid Extraction Kits” the breadcrumbs path looks like this:
Home -> Products -> Nucleic Acid Purification -> Plasmid Extraction Kits
And the browser link shows: biolab-biology.com/products-main/nucleic...smid-extraction-kits

Now when I click the product “HiYield™ Plasmid Mini Kit-100” the breadcrumbs changes to:
Home -> Products -> Nucleic Acid Purification -> Plasmid Extraction Kits -> Nucleic Acid Purification -> HiYield™ Plasmid Mini Kit-100
Like you’ve described in your question.

But… when I hover the mouse above the first “Nucleaic Acid Purification” breadcrumb it shows the link:
And when I hover the mouse above the second “Nucleic Acid Purification” breadcrumb it shows a different link::

So it seems like the component which displays the singe product information finds the product in a different categorie than the mainmenu does. But with the exact same name. Is it possible that could be the case? And is there any option to hide a category display for a single item from within the component which shows the single product page?

Maybe I am not very clear but it’s a bit difficult to describe my findings clearly. But if I am right the product page “HiYield™ Plasmid Mini Kit-100” is also a member of the category “HiYield™ Plasmid Mini Kit-100” in your content items as in the DJCatalog2 component – and that’s where the trouble starts :-(

If you have trouble figuring it all out you can always send me a user account so I can take a peek in the backend of your site how things are build up.

Bug? That's not a bug, that's a feature. :-)

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