#33 – reqtext adding more than one of same product

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Tuesday, 24 May 2016 21:54 CEST
 re Reqtext.

I require 5 reqtext fields per product. If the person enters the text and adds to cart what happens if that person wants to add the same product again but enter different text. Can this be done or will it just overwrite the previous reqtext and up the product counter to 2.
Wednesday, 25 May 2016 11:24 CEST
When a user clicks the "add-to-cart" button multiple times the product get's added multiple times to the shopping cart.

If your user changes the text and adds the product using the "add-to-cart" button it is also added to the shopping cart - and it will not modify an existing product (if it's the same product).

Hopes this gives you a clear answer. If not, let us know! :-)

Bug? That's not a bug, that's a feature. :-)

Wednesday, 25 May 2016 12:26 CEST
Ok. Can I have more than one reqtext field per product. I need 5 per product, and 5 products.

See attached an order form that is the same product ie service type but has different customer entered fields in title, issue, publisher, pub date value.. This is what I want to do with virtuemart and your extension.This was done in Drupal.
Thursday, 26 May 2016 11:05 CEST
Yes, you sure can have more than one ReqText field per product. That's the power of the plugin :-)

And the attached image you've send is exactly how it will look with the ReqText plugin in VirtueMart. Multiple ordered products (which are the same) but with a different entered text.

Bug? That's not a bug, that's a feature. :-)

Thursday, 26 May 2016 12:40 CEST
Thanks. I have an issue with a payment gateway plugin but if I can resolve it I will purchase you plugin.
Friday, 01 July 2016 00:00 CEST
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