Delete/Trash Logging tab

tab delete When your editors remove an article or any other content most of the times it get's "stored" as trash so you can, in case of any mistake, retrieve them back from this Trash state. It's nice to know if an article (or any other content item) is trashed or deleted and when that happend.

  • Article, Category, Menu, Banner, Contact, Usernote, Newsfeed, Redirect, Smart Search, Tag, User Access Level remove: log if one of these items are trashed, archived or deleted.
  • Module remove: log if a module is trashed, archived or deleted.
  • Style remove: log if a template style is deleted.
  • Language remove: log if a content language is trashed or deleted.
  • Field and Field group remove: log if one of these items are trashed, archived or deleted [Joomla!™ 3.7 and higher only].
  • Log content delete in: log in the frontend only, in the backend only or log on both sides.

AlertNotice: the FoolLog component cannot restore any trashed or deleted Joomla!™ content item. It will only log if one of these actions are performed.


Search Logging tab

tab searchAlways wanted to know what search words (or phrases) your users are looking for on your site? Ever wondered you need a different article title so users do not have to use the search function every time they want to read something? Well, start logging what your users are searching for by activating the log options here!

  • Search in frontend: will log any search word/phrase and record information about the user (if a user is logged in, ofcourse).
  • Log searches in: well, this can only be done in the frontend, so nothing to set here (added for future use).


AlertThis option will log ALL user search words/phrases. It's not fool proof and will clutter your database. For security reasons a small delay before logging the next search attempt is build into the plugin to prevent a log overflow.
It is our advice to log for searches only for a small amount of time (a few days or one week) to keep your website performance at a high level.