Configure the FoolLog settings

icon 48 themesWhen you're ready to continue using the component you'll need to configure the System - FoolLog plugin so it knowns what to log in your Joomla!™ environment. We'll try to keep it simple so just follow the next steps to get into the configuration options:

  1. Login to the backend using Administrator credentials - if not logged in already. tab plugin
  2. Select in the backend overview the Components -> FoolLog menu option.
  3. On the top right of your screen you click the log settings button button.
  4. What you'll see is a page with several tabs containing the log configuration settings:
      tab user tab extension tab save tab publish tab delete tab search 

The configuration tab's will be described in detail on the next pages of this documentation. After you've set all the settings to your needs you clearly have to click save and close button to save your work.