You can also select another FoolLog page by clicking FoolLog Statistics at the left of your screen. This will open some graphs which can show you some statistics which are logged over a longer time period.
8 statistics

At the left of the screen you can see two page options: FoolLog Overview and FoolLog Statistics. Below these options the filters are shown. It should all work familiar like other Joomla!™ components you're using.

- Select Category -
Filter the overview on the category of log records. Only categories which are logged will be shown. So if nothing is logged for let's say the category Install this category isn't shown in the filter list.
- Select Year -
Filter the overview on the selected year of log records. Only available if any log records are present and ofcourse logs for multiple years should be logged in those years by the plugins.
- Select Month -
Filter the overview for a selected month of the selected year. This option will only show records if the log records match the month and year selected. If nothing is shown in the graphs it's most likely no logs for the selected date are present.

Then there are two more icons at the top of the graphs graphs.  That's where you can select the graph type for the bottom graph. The year overview graph can only be shown in a bars-like style.
And that's all you can do in the Statistics page for now. But if you do have suggestions please post them as a suggestion in the FoolLog Support Forum so we could put it on our feauture-implementation list.