Below an overview of the work UWiX has already completed. You can read more information about the items by clicking on them.

The website from Merckx Advies Eindhoven must be a flexible site where the publisher can change and create a lot of settings/articles.

The layout must be designed so a lot of information can be displayed in an fashion manor. Enabeling and disabeling of modules is done with the ease of a button when there's not a lot of information to display. A specific look was the wish of the employer; where one can choose their own images for the custom slideshow on the page.

Started: 01 May 2012
Finished: 02 July 2012

The website for Sozahulp is ment for Roestenberg Administratie Kantoor and her services. This office wants to expend their services like credit managment, objection and appeals, give instructions for taxes and charging discounts and coaching at the workfloor.

The website has to be easy accessible and should not have too much information. This way the customers can quickly find what they need and get in contact with Sozahulp to get more information.

Started: 02 May 2012
Finished: 26 June 2012

Transfers-online is gespecialiseerd in het ontwerpen en drukken van kleding transfers.

De bestaande website was toe aan een face-lift en UWiX heeft hierop de website gemoderniseerd en een strakke uitstraling gegeven.
De donkere achtergrond laat de afbeeldingen goed naar voren springen waardoor de site zichzelf snel en gemakkelijk toegankelijk maakt.

Tevens was er integratie van de nederlandse iDeal betalingsmethode noodzakelijk voor de website. Deze is volledig geintegreerd en werkt uitstekend samen met de bulk bestellingen die de klanten van Transfers-online plaatsen.

Started: 01 July 2010
Finished: 27 August 2010

'Tekenwereld Pieni Peili' offers drawing-therapie for children. The design is colorfull with the subtlety of transparancy to create a flowing website.

An attractive website which concise informs visitors about the services Pieni Peili delivers. And ofcourse is everything manageable for Pieni Peili with the Joomla! Content Management System.

Started: 11 August 2008
Finished: 09 December 2008

Tico is a beautifull Great Dane and he wants to tell you all about his adventures.

A challenge for UWiX to create a fitting and attractive website to present all of Tico's adventures - for anyone who wants to. Ofcourse Tico wants to control the contents of his own site so Joomla! is installed for him.

With his own weblog, pictures and aventure movies this site is a nice change for it's visitors.

Started: 02 June 2008
Finished: 08 July 2008
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Infigo is a company which designs and delivers transfers to the SME.

Infigo wanted to add a webshop to it's existing website. Customers must be able to make their own orders easily and check their order histoy. Re-ordering of previously order transfers must be realized with the simple push of a button.

UWiX has choosen for a Joomla! solution in combination with VirtueMart. Custom programming and design had to be done because of the specific products Infigo delivers.

The result is a custom webshop which is easily manageable for Infigo and it's customers.

Started: 04 February 2008
Finished: 12 January 2009