Below an overview of the work UWiX has already completed. You can read more information about the items by clicking on them.

To explain the services for Pieni Peili quick and easy the company wanted a brochure.

UWiX has designed this brochure with material deliverd by Pieni Peili. The layout is set with full dialogue with the contracter. The result is a clear and colorfull brochure which speaks to the future clients of Pieni Peili.

Started: 05 August 2008
Finished: 22 October 2009

Company logo design for Pieni Peili.

The logo is designed aimed at the services Pieni Peili provides. The preferences of the contracter are fully incorporated into the logo. There's recognizable figure added and the smaller details reveal the services of Pieni Peili.

Started: 03 December 2008
Finished: 23 December 2008

Company logo design for Aldebaran.

The existing company logo is adapted to 'modern times'; the big star (called Aldebaran) is replaced with a smaller one to make the company name more noticable.

Started: 06 January 2010
Finished: 20 May 2010

Develop a MS Word template for Roestenberg Administratie Kantoor.

The company logo and address data are integrated into the letterhead and can be used as a template from within MS Word.

Started: 04 November 2009
Finished: 10 May 2010

A logo designed for Fish Spa Happy Feet, a company for skin peeling treatments using Garra Rufa fishes. The company wanted a clear logo which can be easily recognized.

The result tells alot about the company and the logo can be used with the full company name or without any text. The logo will be a good representation of the company.

Started: 09 August 2012
Finished: 01 September 2012