Today DigiFolio version 1.66 is available!

After a long development period we've improved the component even further and solved a lot of bugs. Some of the improvements are:

configThe configuration options are reorderd and moved to the correct options for a better and clearer overview. This way it's much easier to understand and set the options.

tagsSeveral CSS tags are added to make it better to style the DigiFolio views to your own whishes. A few default Joomla! CSS-tags are replaced with DigiFolio tags to create another styling apart from the default.

Also there's a original.digifolio.css file loaded by default on each DigiFolio page. This is done to prevent bad display when CSS tags are faulty or missing in the editable digifolio.css file.

infoThe FancyBox plugin is updated from version 1.0 to version 1.3.1 and made compatible with Internet Explorer 7/8. Several FanxyBox tags are modified for better usage in the DigiFolio component.
Beside that, jQuery version 1.2.3 is updated to version 1.4.2 and a better compatibility is programmed for the usage of jQuery in combination with Joomla!

disketteThe backup procedure is modified so the current - and changed - digifolio.css file is backup too. Restoring the data and/or the digifolio.css file is also changed. The CSS file can be restored seperatly now.

usersUsers without Administrator rights cannot use the DigiFolio component in the backend. You really need Administrator rights for it.

dfupdateIs there a new version of the DigiFolio component available? In the upper-right corner in the backend you can see a orange blinking icon if it does. Ofcourse this option can be disabled through the component parameters in the DigiFolio component.

These are only a few added possibilities of the latest DigiFolio version! Go to the download page to get the latest version. You can also find the latest Joom!Fish Element version for the DigiFolio Component version 1.66.

You do not need to uninstall the component before installing the latest version. Installing version 1.66 will update the previous version. It's possible you need to recreate menu items for the DigiFolio component for correct usage of the new configuration's.