hitzero iconAfter a period longer than planned we've finally migrated to a new hosting provider. And as promised we released the free plugin HitZero today!

The HitZero plugin can reset the hit counter for single or multiple Joomla! articles. And yes, we know, there are other plugins which can do the same but.... We wanted an option to reset the hit counter with one click for a single article too!
So we've integrated a tiny button in the article overview for single article resets and another button in the toolbar to reset the counter for multiple articles. No more SQL queries ar manual editting database records to set the hit counter to zero. Simply use our free HitZero plugin.

You can find a bit more information on the product page and you can download it from the HitZero download section. Ofcourse we've also created documentation for the plugin which can be found here.

uwixiconWell, we've just switched hosting provider and all seems to work pretty well at the moment.

Our website uses HTTPS from now on so all traffic to and from our site should be better protected. And we also made some little graphical changes to the icons on our site. The product logo's are a bit updated just like our new company logo.

The next few weeks we're going to enjoy a (we think well deserved) holiday and after that some new extensions will find your way through our website! What those are will take a bit more patience for our visitors - but it's worth waiting for! That's our promise to you!

Changes can be good! We hope our users will enjoy UWiX even more in the future.

bcrumbscss(150x150)Today a fix is released for anyone who's having trouble installing the BreadCrumbs CSS module. In some cases it shows a blanc page upon installation with no error report whatsoever.

This only occurs on servers using PHP version 7.x and depending on configuration settings. But, not to worry, this new release is fixed for that installation error. So our users can be "happy installers" again!

For more information and examples of the animations you can browse to the product information of the BreadCrumbs CSS module. The latest version can be downloaded on the BreadCrumbs CSS download page.

extupnot150x150We've made some minor changes to the latest release of the ExtUpNotification plugin.

The plugin now sends it's e-mails in HTML format so better formatting of the Extension Update Overview table can be made ;-) It should now display properly in the notification e-mails.
Als we've added the possibility to set the interval of sending an notification e-mail. Yes, this is also set in the Installer Updates Caching of the Extension Manager options, but you can override it by setting your own interval. That way you can be informed about Extension updates when you want to and still use a small interval for the Joomla! Notification plugin.

You can update the ExtUpNotification plugin using the Extension manager in your website backend or download it here.

extupnot150x150Another free plugin has been released this week. The ExtUpNotification plugin can be used to update you or any other Super User on your site about new Extension updates via e-mail.

We have created this plugin because our customers really like the Joomla! Update Notification plugin which is standard available upon a Joomla! installation. But our customers (and we ourselfs too) missed the feature to be notified about any available extension update on our installed Joomla! websites.
So why not use the Joomla! Update notification Plugin code as a base for such plugin? Well, we did so and we're glad to have it released in public for all of users!

The plugin is based on the original Joomla!™ Update Notification plugin and is totally free for you to use for as long as you need it on any website you want. Enjoy it!