HitZero Plugin

Hitzero logoHitZero is a Joomla!™ 3.x Plugin to reset the hit counter for single or multiple Joomla! articles.

When creating a new article for your site and you want to be sure it looks good so - if you are like us - you test it as an online user. Sometimes this needs to be done multiple times before releasing it for public users. The downside is that your article hit counter isn't set to zero anymore but you are the only one who has viewed it.

Not with this HitZero plugin! It can do what you want.


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BreadCrumbs CSS

bcrumbscss(150x150)BreadCrumbs CSS for Joomla!™ 3.3.x is a module which replaces the default Joomla! breadcrumbs module. It supports all default breadcrumbs options but makes it much nicer to look at.

With the BC-CSS module you can use animated styles for the breadcrumbs when a user hovers the mouse over them. The animations are fully written in CSS3 so you do not need any extra javascript files loaded to your pages.
This module can also cut off your breadcrumbs so they fit better on your webpages. When a user hovers above the cutoff breadcrumb the full breadcrumb will be show so your users always find what they are looking for.

Ofcourse you can also use the default Joomla! breadcrumbs style and set the extra options of this module like; clickable Home, cut off breadcrumbs, alternative Home link, etc.



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UPagebreak Plugin

upagebreak iconUPagebreak is  Joomla!™ 3.1.x Plugin to add some extra options to the default Pagebreak plugin installed with a default Joomla!™ installation.

This plugin was first created for internal use to provide some better options when writing online documentation using the standard articles. After we've tweaked the default plugin to our own needs we realized we are probably not the only ones who could use that plugin. So, here it is: an alternative for the default Pagebreak plugin to use for anyone!


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ExtUpNotification Plugin

extupnot150x150Extension Update Notification (ExtUpNotification) is  a Joomla!™ 3.1.x Plugin to send e-mails to one or more SuperUsers when an update of an installed extension is available.

We have created this plugin because our customers really like the Joomla! Update Notification plugin which is standard available upon a Joomla! installation. But our customers (and we ourselfs too) missed the feature to be notified about any available extension update on our installed Joomla! websites.
So why not use the Joomla! Update notification Plugin code as a base for such plugin? Well, we did so and we're glad to have it released in public for all of users!

Do you want to know how this plugin can ease your website maintenance? Download it now for free!


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BreadCrumbs Advanced (GPLv2 license)

bcrumbs(150x150)It's just like the default breadcrumbs module from a default Joomla! 1.5, 2.5 or 3.0 installation but... with advanced options added!

Added options: cut off last breadcrumb (ja/nee), cut off after (give position when to cut off breadcrumb), add character(s) to a cut off breadcrumb (could be any character).


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BreadCrumbs Advanced Plus

bcrumbsplus(150x150)BreadCrumbs Advanced Plus for Joomla! 1.5/1.7/2.5 is a module which replaces the default breadcrumbs module from a standard Joomla! instalaltion. It supports all default features and adds several extra options.

With this version it's possible to use animated breadcrumbs when an user hovers the mouse above one. A slider or fader makes the breadcrumbs more Web 2.0 aware! The animations are fully compatible with the default MooTools version provided in the Joomla! installation package. No differences in Joomla! version 1.5, 1.6, 1.7 or 2.5.
Ofcourse you can still use the default Joomla! breadcrumb display style including the extra's from this module.




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DigiFolio for Joomla! 3

digifolio30The DigiFolio component makes it easy to display all your projects on your website (portfolio). You can show the important information about your project online including images, start/end date, e-mail, webaddress, etc.

A lot of feautures are available in the DigiFolio Component, so don't waste any time, download it, install it and give your site the upgrade it needs!


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ReqText Plugin for VirtueMart

reqtext j30ReqText is a VirtueMart plugin to add the functionality of required user input fields for a product. This is a feature the current version of VirtueMart does not have.

Now you can add textinput and textarea fields to products. It's also possible to add checkboxes, radiobuttons and dropdown list which user must select before adding a product to the cart.

This plugin does not alter any source code of the VirtueMart package or it's plugins. You can update VirtueMart at any time without the loss of the ReqText plugin functionality.



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