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The FoolLog component can log all sorts of user interaction on your website. With this component it is easy to monitor what is going on your website and keep track of editting history. Especially when you have multiple managers/editors for your site this component can help you clearify changes.

component overview



Log users who login, logout or register on your site. Also backend user editting can be logged to keep track of changes.


Joomla!™ messages can also be logged. This way you can check for any message, notice, warnings & error notifications reported to your users/system.


Check what plugins, modules, libraries, etc. are installed, disabled or (un)published on your site using the Extension Manager.


Content that is created, editted, deleted, published or unpublished is logged with username, time and date.

Search keywords

Log search keywords your users use to search your website. Examine the results to setup your content even better for your site.


Configuration settings for components can be logged to keep track of where, when and what options are changed.

Export to CSV

Export your log results to CSV for easy processing your log data with 3rd party software or your own spreadsheet.


View logging statistics per month, per year for all categories or sorted by a single category. Statistics are always usefull for a fast overview.

Plugin support

New extensions created by us will integrate FoolLog logging when applicable. Our latest HitZero plugin is already supported by the FoolLog component. But other extensions are also supported by the FoolLog component and the list will be extended regulary.

Currently supported extensions are:

adv moduleszoohitzero150x150 kunena icon  jshopping


To read more about what is possible with the FoolLog component you can check the documentation.


Try the demo

Give the ReqText plugin a try and test it using our demo website at Check to see how the extension performs in the backend and find out it's possibilities. All the information you need to logon can also be found at the demo site.



FoolLog Component

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UWiX frequenlty develops new components, modules and plugings for Joomla! After Joomla! 2.5 all eyes are focussed on components for Joomla! 3.x. Many of you are known with our DigiFolio component and for sure with our BreadCrumbs Advanced module. Check out our components / modules / plugins and try them - it'll be sure you like them!

Licensed products

Free products

The free products can be downloaded totally free of charge! For the licensed products you'll need a paid subscription.
Click on a product for an overview of the product features, license conditions and costs.

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The HitZero plugin can reset the hit counter for single or multiple Joomla! articles.

When creating a new article for your site and you want to be sure it looks good so - if you are like us - you test it as an online user. Sometimes this needs to be done multiple times before releasing it for public users.
The downside is that your article hit counter isn't set to zero anymore but you are the only one who has viewed it. Allright, let's set it back to zero before activating the article... Well, if you know your SQL queries this shouldn't be a big problem but it takes some unnecessary time to do so. And if you do not have any knowledge of SQL queries? Then you're stuck.

Now this is where the HitZero plugin comes in! It can do what you want.


An extra button is added to the article view toolbar if you want to. That button can reset the counter for all selected articles at once. But, there's more. Also a little toolbarbutton is added to the buttons in front of the article titles (where you can (un)publish an article). That way you can reset the hit counter immediately for that particular article.

hitzero02 hitzero01

Article List

Global buttons


Mini-button to reset single article

In front of the article titles an extra mini-button is added to reset the hit counter for that article quickly. Easy and fast!

Button to reset multiple articles

Use the "Clear ALL Hits" button at the top of the article view toolbar to reset the hit counter for the selected articles. This way you can use the reset once for multiple articles.


Easy updates now and in the future using the Joomla! update feature.

Free! Really?

Yes! The HitZero plugin is a free to use plugin - free for private users and free for business users also!


Download HitZero plugin here


extensin update notification iconJoomla! 3.x
Extension Update Notification (ExtUpNotification) is  a Joomla!™ 3.1.x Plugin to send e-mails to one or more SuperUsers when an update of an installed extension is available.

We have created this plugin because our customers really like the Joomla! Update Notification plugin which is standard available upon a Joomla! installation. But our customers (and we ourselfs too) missed the feature to be notified about any available extension update on our installed Joomla! websites.
So why not use the Joomla! Update notification Plugin code as a base for such plugin? Well, we did so and we're glad to have it available for all our visitors!



Send notification e-mail to multiple e-mail adresses.
Select e-mail language to use for the plugin so you can receive the e-mail in your native language.
Use language override for fast customization of your update e-mails.
Set time-interval for the update check.


Download ExtUpNot plugin here


upagebreak iconJoomla! 3.x
UPagebreak is  Joomla!™ 3.1.x Plugin to add some extra options to the default Pagebreak plugin installed with a default Joomla!™ installation.

This plugin was first created for internal use to provide some better options when writing online documentation using the standard articles. After we've tweaked the default plugin to our own needs we realized we are probably not the only ones who could use the plugin. So, here it is: an alternative for the default Pagebreak plugin to use for all of you - totally free of charge!


Features added

Set the alignment for the Previous and Next button to the left, the right or centered.
Add a goto Top button for easy reloading of the active page (when using a table of contents).
The plugin is based upon the default Joomla!™ Pagebreak plugin so it's fully compatible with your existing articles with pagebreaks.


Download UPagebreak plugin here


bcrumbscss(150x150)Joomla! 3.9 Joomla! 4
BreadCrumbs Advanced Plus for Joomla!™ is a module which replaces the default breadcrumbs module from the Joomla! installation. It supports all default breadcrumbs options but with several extras.

With the BreadCrumbs CSSmodule you can use animated styles for the breadcrumbs when a user hovers the mouse over them. The animations are written in full CSS3 styling and compatible with the latest browsers. Creating slick breadcrumbs was never this easy! And ofcourse you can still use the default Joomla!™ breadcrumbs style with the extra added options of this module.


Advanced options

Set an alternative URL for the Home breadcrumb.
You can set if the last breadcrumb shown should be cut off (trimmed).
Set the cut off position for the breadcrumb (after x characters).
Add any character(s) at the cut off end.
Move the BC-CSS layer x positions to the right (left padding) - this could be necessary for some Joomla!™ Templates.
Select one of the many CSS3 animation styles.
Set the speed, timing (linear, ease, ease-in & ease-out), color and opacity of your CSS3 animation.

Try the demo

Give the ReqText plugin a try and test it using our demo website at Check to see how the plugin module in the front-end. All the information you need to logon can also be found at the demo site.


Because a picture is better than words here's an overview of the possible effects in the BreadCrumbs CSS Module:

Letter-spacingLetter-spacing Text ShadowText Shadow Text GrowText Grow
Text RotateText Rotate Text BlinkText Blink Text RollText Roll
Text CloneText Clone Text BlurText Blur Bounce Up/DownBounce Up/Down
Bounce Left/RightBounce Left/Right ShockedShocked Border FadeoutBorder Fadeout
Border Bottom LeftBorder Bottom Left Shadow DownunderShadow Downunder  
Be aware these animations use full CSS3 styling and are made compatible as much as possible for all browsers. Some effects may behave 'weird' on certain browsers like Internet Explorer/Edge. This has nothing to do with the sample animations above - so we cannot fix that. The only advice we'll give you is to use a CSS3 compatible browser (e.g. FireFox or Chrome).

BreadCrumbs CSS

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digfolio25Joomla! 3.x
The DigiFolio component makes it easy to display all your projects on your website (portfolio). You can show the important information about your project online including images, start/end date, e-mail, webaddress, etc.

The DigiFolio component has a lot of possibilities included. That's why it's versatile and perfect to use on any website. The CSS styles are easy adjustable through the backend settings of the component. This way you can adjust every view to the layout of your website! Digifolio has an easy to understand interface, which is the same as any Joomla! component so you'll be up and running in no time! Just explore the many functions of this great component by selecting "Digifolio" in the components menu. Fill in some data and create a menu link to the Digifolio overview. It's that simple!



icon-dfclear-32Add a watermark to each image in your portfolio. A copy is from every original image is made where a watermark will be integrated. The watermark can be fully customized with your own text including color, font, size, transparancy, position and even with an angle. When you disable the watermark function through the backend settings the original images are displayed for your projects.


icon-dfmulti32Each DigiFolio project can contains a master image (even with an alternative thumbnail image) and can optionally contain 5 other images. These images will be displayed using a modern javascript/css3 popup. Ofcourse you can always choose to disable the javascript popups to display the images.



langMulti-lingual support is fully implemented according the Joomla! principles. For each project you can set the language which is (also) installed in your Joomla! environment. The component displays the projects and categories in the proper language on your mulit-lingual website.

Content plugin

icon-dfplugin-32The "Content" plugin for DigiFolio can be used to add (and display) DigiFolio projects from within your articles.


Editor plugin

icon-dfplugin-32The "Insert Button" adds a button below the Joomla! text editor. This way you can add an project easily to an article.

Search plugin

icon-dfplugin-32The "Search" plugin adds search functionality to the Joomla! search option.



icon-dfeditcss-32You can display your projects neatly sorted on category, displayed as thumbnails or just directly in a list with all projects. Even themes are included for fast site integration. Or use the CSS editor to create your own theme!

Backup & Recovery

icon-dfbackup-32Create fast and easy backups for all projects, categories and CSS styles. The backup ZIP archive is also a standard Joomla! extension installation package. Restore from Digifolio 2.5 is possible too!



update-32Use the Joomla! Extension update for fast and easy Digifolio component updates.

Free to use?

update-32Yes, this version of Digifolio can be installed for your website for without any costs! This means Digifolio is free for private and business use!

Try the demo

Give the ReqText plugin a try and test it using our demo website at Check to see how the extension performs in the front-end and try out some settings in the backend. All the information you need to logon can also be found at the demo site.


Download Digifolio here