Joomla! Service

There are several ways UWiX can help u supporting your Joomla! website. UWiX can do one or multiple updates, check your website, install or remove components, etcetera.

Joomla! updates

You can hire us once for an full update to the latest version of your Joomla! website or you can buy a ticket. This ticket gives you the right for five version updates to your Joomla! website. You do not need to track for updates yourself, UWiX will inform you about a new update and when it will be installed. You can assume about 4 to 5 updates are released on a yearly bases (average estimate).

Joomla! compontent updates

When you're using extra installed components on your Joomla! website you are, most likely, aware these need updates too - to prevent security leaks. UWiX can monitor and install those updates for you.
Just like any other update you will be informed before the updates are installed and what the changes are made with these updates.

Depending of the component type a contract of ticket can be created to agree on the costs of the updates.

Monitor your Joomla! website

When UWiX monitors a website it means your website is inspected more intensive. When are attempts made to "break into" your website, by whom and how? How about the unique visitors to your website and where are they from? What's the status of the data on your website - is your database data optimized?

Those cases are watched more closely by UWiX. On agreed moments there will be thorough checks where all above, and maybe more, cases are investigated. This way suspicious operations can be detected faster or even be prevented! Visitors with bad intensions can be spotted sooner and access blocked to your website for these visitors.


Ofcourse your Joomla! website haven't been developed by UWIX to use our services. If you want more information you can contact us through our contact form.


Nowadays it's just a matter of time before your website is visited by a "bad" person; who will, if possible, (ab)use your website for personal gain. This often happens when a website  - even if it's setup the right way - isn't update with the latest (security) updates. That's where UWiX can provide services in.

Joomla! Service

When you are the owner of a beautiful Joomla! website, you know how to edit your contents neatly and you are probably in the higher ranks of the search engines. Unfortunately you cannot lean back because your website needs maintenance once in a while.

On regular bases new security-updates are released for Joomla! or a component you're using on your website. In that case it's important to update your website with these latest updates as soon as possible. That way you can prevent security issues for yourself and your visitors.

Ofcourse there's no need to check for new version updates yourself, this is what UWiX can do for you. UWiX can also install these updates instantly on your website (after creating a full website backup before installation, naturally) and keep everything running smoothly.


Website Service

When you don't own a website which uses Joomla! you also need to stay alert for "bad" visitors. Maybe you're wondering how to improve the security on your website or how you can monitor the security?

With these kind of questions you can always ask UWiX to help out. UWiX can do a security check on your current website and advise you about the possibitlities for security monitoring.
After a security check you receive a full report with the findings and advices to "improve" the security on your website. And in case of security-risks UWiX can create solutions to make your website a bit more safer for the web.

Do you want more information? You can contact use using the contact form.