bcaIt's just like the default breadcrumbs module from a default Joomla! 1.5/2.5 installation but... with some advanced options and some minor fixes.

Added are some advanced options to thhe breadcrumbs module: cut off the last breadcrumb, cut off the breadcrumb after x positions and add character(s) to a cut off breadcrumb.


bcaplusBreadCrumbs Advanced Plus for Joomla! 1.5 & 2.5 is a module which replaces the default breadcrumbs module from the Joomla! installation. It supports all default breadcrumbs options but with several extras.

With the Advanced Plus module you can use animated styles for the breadcrumbs when a user hovers the mouse over them. The animations are fully compatible with the MooTools verions used in Joomla! 1.5 and 2.5.
Ofcourse you can use the default Joomla! breadcrumbs style too with the extra options of this module.

digifolioThe DigiFolio component makes it easy to display all your projects on your website (portfolio). You can show the important information about your project online including images, start/end date, e-mail, webaddress, etc.

A lot of feautures are available in the DigiFolio Component, so don't waste any time, download it, install it and get your site the upgrade it needs!


digistyleYou can use this plugin to add a special effect to your images (it could also be used on other elements like buttons e.g.) just by adding a class to the object!

Not only the sweet effect of Reflection is implemented but also a way to create shadows, round corners and even animated images!


supportYou can be helped good and fast when you're having trouble with one of our components. Therefor you can subscribe to a Support subscription which gives you 9 days of full support for our extensions.

It only costs € 9,- for 9 days of full support. That's is only 1 euro a day!

When you already have an active BCAPlus license you'll receive automaticly full support voor the BreadCrumbs Advanced (Plus) module.

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