hitzero iconWith the upcoming Joomla! version 4 we've recently started testing and updating our extensions so they can be used in this new Joomla! version.

Today we are releasing the new version of our HitZero plugin which you can use to reset the hit counter for single or multiple Joomla! articles. This version installs in Joomla! v3.9 but also works perfectly in Joomla! v4alpha.
The toolbar Clear All Hits button in Joomla! v4alpha can be found in the dropdown button called Change Status in the article overview. In Joomla! 3 it is still added as an extra button to the article overview toolbar.

You can find a bit more information on the product page and you can download it from the HitZero download section. Ofcourse we've also created documentation for the plugin which can be found here.