reqtext2(150x150)After a long time we are proud to release an updated version of our ReqText VirtueMart plugin today!

It is made fully functional for VirtueMart v3.x and is not compatible with version 2.x anymore as we announced before. We've fix some bugs, optimized the code and made it compatible for Joomla! 4.
This version also contains a great new feature! We present to you the required color selection field for your products. This option can be used to let your customers select colors for a product upon the add-to-cart process. And it can be a required field too!
To make it easy you can use a color picker in the configuration of the required field so no color codes need be looked up :-) Ofcourse you can add seperate hints for each color and set a default selection for the customer.

Starting from this version of ReqText we've put the manual only for all users to read - this way we can update it quickly and all users can read about it's features and usage in the online manual.

You can download the ReqText plugin from our download page or use your Joomla! Extensions update procedure if you've have an active subscription license.